Hey YOU - I appreciate you! ❤️

I need to say something important: I really love our customers; Like a lot
💁🏿‍♂️ I thought I’d just spill some RN thoughts with you that are circling my head…
Why do you guys post content on Insta about products you’ve bought from us? 
Why do you tag us in posts with lashes that YOU’VE done? 
YOU did the training. 
YOU did the research. 
YOU did the work. 
YOU shed the tears, and even blood to get where you are! 
Yet.. you still tag us, you still @ us, you still send us reviews and chop it up with us!
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that you tag us, mention us, review us and email us. I sleep well at night knowing that you, our LL Posse have helped many people actually realise their goals and take their own lives under their control - you bossssss! 👊
I’ll admit…
👉 We do have the most amazing lash and brow training humanity has ever produced - we’re serious about awesome knowledge
👉 We do have amazing products that actually work - we’re OTT about the products we deliver to you.
Nevertheless, it’s still you that takes that woman who needs a bit more self-confidence, who wants that little extra sumthin’-sumthin’’ in her life, who just plain-old wants to feel like the boss-b*tch that she is, that makes it happen! 
I teared up the other day - Why? 
A woman who had completed a lot of our courses, and unbeknownst to us had been homeless for months AND she had kids. She saw the value in hard work, dedication and persistence.  She saw something in Locks Lash that spoke to her. She did our courses, started operating (somehow) and now she’s got a home, got a business and is making her own way in life. What did we do? Sure, we gave the right advice, we were a shoulder to cry on, an ear and a friend, but it was HER who made her life better. She took control of her life, she made that choice.
💡KNOW THIS: Being strong and independent doesn’t mean doing everything by yourself without a support system. Yo, everyone needs a support system. I’ll level with you - we use you as a support system too. I’ve asked technicians for advice, I’ve gained amazing insights and inspiration from students I’ve trained. 
We’ve taken feedback from you and changed the way we do certain things because of YOU. So, I wanted to express my appreciation to our amazing family, (and we do think of you as family) for everything you have done and will continue to do. We’ll carry on as well with even more exciting things to come…
Lash Dr. Derik