#2 - What do you do when your client gets a reaction?

What do you do when your client gets a reaction after you have done the lash extensions on them? 

Now I must add here, that I am not a doctor, nor do I have any sort of medical training. I am simply going from experience. So overall if you are in doubt then most certainly advise your client to seek medical attention. 

There a couple of things that you first must establish before you advise them of any remedies. 

Firstly have you to identify what is actually causing the reaction. 

It will usually be one of three things; the glue, or the medical tape or the eye pads.

I have found by experience that if it is a glue reaction (keeping in mind that if lash extensions are correctly applied then the glue actually should never touch the skin, it should only touch the natural lash) usually the first thing that will happen is the eyes will swell within a couple of hours after applying the lashes. It will usually be both eyes that swell. They will also go very blood shot and puffy. It will be very uncomfortable for the client & you will hear about it as their technician! (See the photo above, this is a glue reaction)

If this happens, you IMMEDIATELY get the client to come back in & you remove all the lashes and glue using Debonder (making sure you are very gentle and fully rinse the eyes out after you have used the Debonder.) If the client is still in discomfort, then you can advise them to seek medical attention or for them to take some antihistamines. 

Unfortunately if you client has this sort of reaction, then chances are they are allergic to the glue, even different brands & sensitivity levels. You are more than welcome to try a different glue on them, but in my experience once they are allergic, they are allergic. 

If both eyes are not swollen then it is more than likely not the glue but either the medical tape or eye gel pads. Often when I have trainees email me, saying that there clients eyes were very red & painful after they finished, the cause is actually that the medical tape & eye pads were applied a little too high, so when the client closed their eyes in slipped a little into the eye ball without the client noticing & this has set off the reaction.

It is not a big deal if this happens, it will usually just mean that you get phone calls & complaints from your clients. Advise them to use some eye drops and take some antihistamines. If this does not fix it within 24 hours then tell them to seek medical advise. Usually it won't get to this. 

As the technician it is your responsibility to make sure you correctly apply the medical tape & eye gel pads approx 1mm away from the lower rim of the eye. And also remember once the client has closed their eyes to always, always, every time to lower the pads & tape slightly to prevent them from slipping into the clients eye balls. You can prevent any discomfort to your client by simply doing this.

I hope this helps? Let me know if you have any questions?

Love Jessica xXx