Before you get hella defensive...by encouraging you to follow pretty girls on Insta, we're not saying you should start investing in Kylie Jenners detox tea or compare yourself to others.

No, instead, it’s a fantastic way to get more clients….let me tell you how and why…


When you are first starting out as a lash tech, there can be a misconception that by putting a few photos of your work up on social media, making your room cute and telling a couple of people you do lashes… floods of clients will just come in.




Unfortunately this is not the case. It takes work, effort and a little bit of smarts to bring in clients and build up a clientele list.

There are economical ways to do this and this blog outlines one effective way.



Since the dawn of mankind, attractive women have received the attention of society and with the invention of social media they’ve become more obvious and a little more in your face.

Along with this attention, society begins to become very interested in them (for whatever reasons) and opinions they speak begin to be listened too.

It is one of the best forms of ‘word of mouth’ marketing we currently have.


And you can take advantage of this as a salon owner! And for FREE.

We are not talking about getting ‘influencers’ to promote your product or service. Which is a valid form of marketing … but there is a cheaper and much more effective way to do this.


1️⃣ We encourage you to go and find some pretty girls on Insta who are in your area, and have a number of followers. Choose ones that maybe already get lashes, or who would be interested in getting lashes. 

2️⃣ Follow them, comment on their photos, make them tactfully know that you and your business is alive and deliver amazing services and products. The goal is to get them to follow you back.

This may be a bit of a numbers game and you may have to follow up to 50+. Keep going. This WILL work.

The objective is you want them to follow you back and be interested in you…you want them as your loyal client.

3️⃣ Make sure that your Insta page has lots of photos of your amazing work.

You can at this stage offer them a discount to come in and receive services if you want, or you can subtly make them aware of a first time client discount you offer. Or maybe they will just be interested in you because of your amazing work.

4️⃣ Once they are your client, treat them wonderfully (like you should with all your clients) and you now have yet another loyal client.

5️⃣ Take photos of their lashes that you do, tag them in it, encourage them to repost and talk about your work to their followers and friends.

This can all lead to magical things which will help you expand in gaining more loyal customers.