4 Steps To Achieving Perfect Brows

Written by: Tahlia 'Bubblz' - Master Trainer

We're all about achieving the 'perfect brows', so thought we'd come to you with the four key steps in achieving the perfect brow look, that every client desires. Here it goes...


Have you ever heard the saying 'Our Brows are sisters not twins'? I want to make my clients brows twins. This is done by mapping and giving those brows a shape that suits our clients face. Understanding how your client would normally draw on her eyebrows or what type of style your client would like is important! Using the 3 point method and a brow mapping pencil, you can draw on the shape for your client to see how the end result may be. I personally love this when getting my brows done, so I can slightly tweak how I like my brows. For example I love a rounded arch, pointed tail and the front of my brows ombre. So, creating a perfect brow for your client is listening and mapping to their face.


2/ BROW LAMINATION - for that extra brow boost
Out with those 90's style brows, introduce to your clients the miracle of Brow Lamination. Brow Lamination is great to add not only that fullness back to the brows, but give your clients a brows shape again. This service is great for those who also love that fluffy 'soap brow' look.

I highly recommend the Locks Lash Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Solution. Not only does it provide incredible results, while being gentle- it doubles up as a lash lift solution. #DoubleWin

Whether you are using a Henna, regular tint or Hybrid Brow Tint, you want to choose the perfect shade and have the right consistency and application. Henna works best in layers, tint and Hybrid Brow Tint works best with precision application. When you first mix your tint together, allow it to sit for 5 mins before application. Do a little experiment and a little patch with freshly mixed tint and tint that has sat for a couple of minutes. By allowing the tint to react with its developer, you are allowing those pigments to come through and sit nicely on the skin as well as absorb into the hair follicle giving you a beautiful reflective colour.

When you apply the colour, I personally find stamping it on with your angled brush will help with the colour being even across the brows with no gaps; No one likes a patchy brow colour! Another note, do not be afraid to mix your colours to create that customised colour just for your clients. Have a play and write down your formulas. This will not only broaden your colour selection, but make you client feel great that you are creating their very own customised brow colour. My personal fav combo in the Hybrid Brow Tint is the Light Brown and Cool Dark Brown - my ratio is 50:50. 

4/ BROW THREADING OR WAXING - To finish the look
The perfect end to a service is to create that beautiful brow shape! This is where all your hard work will pay off with a brow service; creating those crisp beautiful lines. While many techs are hesitant (don’t be), threading is the ULTIMATE way to achieve that crisp/sharp look that every client wants. While waxing takes a few goes to achieve that look, threading will achieve that crisp look first-go! 

🔥HOT TIP: If you don’t already thread as a service, just do it already. It’s not as hard as you think and you’ll be thanking me later. Our Brow & Facial Threading course is pretty epic - check it out here!

If you prefer waxing:  I personally love using the Browvado Caronlab Gel Wax Beads for this service; the hard wax is easy to use and grabs all those hairs you want removed. This wax is also great for those who are sensitive to wax as it is very gentle on the skin. If you select waxing, it should be the very last step to any brow service, as this lifts up the first skin surface layer. Therefore you want to ensure all your other brow steps are done prior, preventing any reactions from occurring.



That's it! Complete these four steps and you should be achieving flawless, crisp and gorgeous brows for your clients; each and every, single time! x