We live in a fast-paced age and our patience has shortened, especially when we're so used to INSTANT results.
Though at what cost?
Eyelash serums have received a lot of attention of late, in particular, the harmful ingredients that are being discovered in some of them. These serums boasted very fast results, along with trails of allergic reactions, class actions and (insert whatever other karma here).
Manufacturers of eyelash serums do carry a responsibility for our health and safety. For all good reason too – these are ingredients that are used near your eyes! In the business of long lashes, what are the ingredients to stay away from?

It’s a synthetic hormone.
Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers, they travel in your blood working slowly over time and affecting different processes like growth and development. This one, Isopropyl Cloprostenate, is a hormone that has been created in a lab. It is a prescription drug used to treat the eye disease glaucoma.
Due to its potential side effects, anything containing this ingredient should only ever be prescribed by a medical professional, causing many eyelash serums to be banned.
The reported reactions of this ingredient in serums include eyelid discolouration, eye irritation, inflammation, iris colour change and more seriously, fluid build-up in the eye which if untreated, leads to a condition that distorts vision, irreversible damage to the eye and permanent vision loss.
Another drug also found in glaucoma treatments. This ingredient is usually only found in prescription eyelash serums. The undesirable side effects include discolouration of the eyelids and iris. It can also cause hair to grow in areas you don’t want it, such as the cheeks.
Now the thing about Isopropyl Cloprostenate and Bimatroprost is they do cause eyelash growth by dividing the cells rather quickly during the growth phase of the eyelash. It chemically produces a forced fast result in the lashes.
These same results are also available with natural lash serums, only the approach and ingredients are healthier and the result will take longer than 5 minutes to achieve.

This one is downright dangerous. There are easier ways to get long lashes than using any serum containing this doozy. This is another synthetic chemical often used as a preservative. Allergic reactions can include swelling and redness around the eyes, difficulty breathing, hives, dizziness, nausea and is a definite NO from doctors for pregnant or lactating women.
Natural and organic skincare is a very popular and fast-growing industry, however when it comes to the eyes, preservatives are a necessary evil. They are added to prevent bacteria, fungi and mould in your eye products. This prevents irritation, infection and damage to the eyes.
However, not all preservatives are created equal - some are quite toxic. Many commercial brands often contain ingredients that are inexpensive to obtain, but may be harmful to your health.
Luckily, safer preservatives are available and are used in most of the higher quality serums.
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