#167 - Becoming A Lash Tech - Part 3

Hello beautiful people,


This week has been a bit of a slow week for me in terms on my course. 
This week was mainly all about practice. I practiced how to pick up the extension, dip it in glue, and then placing it on a sponge. I had to film myself several times and submit them to receive feedback and then be able to continue with the course. The number of times it had to be done was great because the trainers can see your progress with each submission and provide feedback to help you improve for the next submission. 
The other submission this week was the practice of placing an individual lash on top of the natural lash, like you would when you are lashing a client. There are multiple things that need to be taken into consideration to make sure that this step is performed correctly. This includes the way the extension sits on-top, how far from the baseline it is and if it has been bonded correctly to the lash.
There are multiple videos and manuals to show you how it is done and more importantly explaining why and the reasons it needs to be done correctly. I’m going to be honest here and say that I found placement the hardest in the beginning. One of the most difficult things was getting used to placing a single lash that is so thin and small on top of another lash that is equally as thin. On top of that, there are so many other things that I needed to remember, like how far up the lash I needed to place it, is it bonded at the base and is it sitting nicely on top of the lash, that it took a bit a practicing before I could film myself for the submission.
I also started Module 8, 'What are Volume and Pre-made fans.'
Hooray, I am so excited!


The first thing I learnt was what the fans are and all the different types. There’s also a video showing how Locks Lash make their pre and pro made fans. The process looks so intense and it’s so precise that it takes a certain type of skill. I also learnt the difference between Pre-made, Pro-made and Hand-made. Since I started my lash journey, I would see the terms pre-made and pro-made come up a lot and I would always wonder what the difference is. The course goes through and explains it all and now I have a better understanding of it all. 
Starting the journey of becoming a lash tech and diving into the lash world with no experience or knowledge about lashing is daunting, especially when I’m scrolling through Insta. I see all these amazing sets that other lash artists have produced and using terminology that goes straight over my head, it's intimidating to say the least. I can definitely say that my confidence and my knowledge is growing, and I am starting to understand and grasp the concept all thanks to the Complete Lash Artistry Course. It's set out in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.
If I have any questions, I just email my course instructor (Mel) and get a response within a few hours, even on the weekends!
(Hi Mel, you’re the best! Thank you!)


Love, Rebecca xx
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