Locks Lash have been at the forefront of the lash industry for over 10 years and are now established as the largest lash training institution in Australia and New Zealand.
We have been around for every evolution of the lash industry and often leading the way. If you had asked us 10 years ago, or maybe even 3 years ago, is it really possible to learn lash extensions remotely, we would have told you probably not.
However with Covid the world has changed, technology has changed and how we interact has changed. With that, accessibility and quality of online courses has improved dramatically.
The student gets MORE of everything in an online course.

What did I do (as the owner of Locks Lash) for the majority of my Covid lock downs?

I spent numerous hours, days and weeks developing the most comprehensive and affordable online lash extension courses available internationally.

I had the (what was thought - but turned out not to be) the impossible mission to develop and create an online course which exceeded the experience of having a in-person training experience and produced better lash technicians than were currently on the market.
I had to incorporate not only all the theory (which was the easy bit) but also to communicate the feeling and experience of having a trainer right beside you helping you through the learning process.
Live training is amazing. It has been around since the beginning of the lash industry and has developed and dramatically improved over this time.
        However with virtual (online courses), you can watch a technique numerous times, you can rewind, learn and absorb at your own pace, pause, go off and practise and learn in detail about the science of the industry (which is essential as a successful lash technician).   
So how did I do it in the end?
We shot over 150 hours worth of footage. I meticulously went through every second of this footage to ensure all the important (and sometimes not so important) information was communicated. I needed to make sure anyone from any walk of life and experience would know everything they needed to know about the art of application of extensions by the end of the course AND feel confident in their ability.

 I needed to include enough up-close footage so the student would hold their tweezers correctly, dip the extension in glue the right way and feel confident in their ability to apply lash extensions by the time they finished the course.

I also wanted to encompass something more personal into the course; I wanted to make sure each student felt cared for and helped with whatever they needed help with. The only way I could see how to do this was to assign a real live trainer to each student, so help would be there for them if they needed it.
And I needed to not only make this course affordable, but to also ensure that every student knew exactly how to get clients, build the salon size they wanted and make lots of money!

The result … can you really learn lash extensions online?

Well I have to say, even if I sound full of myself… this course is the most comprehensive, in-depth and complete course available internationally AND we put a little bit of humour in it too - just cause that’s who we are.

I personally think … and my trainers agree, that the people coming out of these remote courses far exceed those coming out of the live training days.

The student gets MORE of everything virtually.

More theory and explanation; they not only get the videos, but they also get the accompanying manual which has more data in it than a live trainer can ever give over 1-4 day course.

The data is accurate. Ever heard of Chinese Whispers? One will notice that information can dramatically change when it is passed on from one person to the next. How can we ensure during live training that the trainer is giving all the information accurately? Remote theory ensures all data is 100% correct.
Students learn at different paces. An online course offers the rewind button to go over data they didn’t quite grasp. Up-close footage ensures that not one single aspect of lashing is missed by the student.
The pro’s for remote training vs live are endless.
Soooooo can you really learn lash extensions remotely?
The answer is not only a big fat YES, but also I reckon it will produce better technicians than ever before!
If you want to become a lash tech - train with Locks Lash.
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