Have you ever wondered why either yourself or a client is only loosing eyelashes on one side but not the other?

Here is a couple reasons why with solutions! 


Where the glue is placed:
One of the most common causes for this is if the lash glue holder is placed too far away from the client.
An easy way to know if this is possibly the cause is if the side the client is experiencing fallout from is on the opposite side to where the lash glue is placed. If its on the side that the glue is on move on to the next cause and solution.
If it is on the opposite side then it could be this reason. Why this is is because after dipping the lash into the glue it travels much further than the closer side. In that small amount of time the glue could have cured and so when its placed on the natural lash its not bonding properly.
Solution: Move your glue closer to the client or use a glue ring or similar to get it closer.


Other factors in the Lash Room
It may be that there is a slightly different 'environment' on one side of the client than the other. As you know lash glue is a very temperamental thing and it doesn't take much to upset it! It may be that the client has the Air Conditioning/a draught or the sun etc on one side of their face which is negatively affecting the glue.
Solution: Check your environment and adjust accordingly. Try moving the lash bed around a bit to get in a spot that the glue is fine with.
It might not be your fault at all!
The other main reason a client might have one side of lashes falling out quicker than other is that they may be a tummy/side sleeper that is sleeping predominately on that side.
Solution: A remedy for that is to advise them to get a silk pillow case. It reduces tugging and wear on the lashes. Getting and using a sleepmask is also a great idea!



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