# 132 DIARY OF A (now experienced) LASH TECH (PART 2)

*Alyssa trained with Locks Lash a few years ago and we have been following her progress. This is part 2. She has gone from doing her first lash training with Locks Lash, to being fully booked, to now employing 2 extra staff to keep up with demand!*


I’m back!

The last time I wrote a blog for Locks Lash was 2 years ago (see blog here)!!!!


I wanted to update you guys on everything that’s changed since that blog and take you on another journey through more things I’ve learnt being a Lash Tech. Fast forward to now and I’ve got 2 beautiful Lash Techs working for me, I’ve had 2 others in the past also. 




I’ve had so many clients I haven’t posted a whole lot to my socials, but one thing that works really well is Instagram/Facebook stories!

I tend to post some before and after pics from the Lash Techs angle (eyes closed) and I get many compliments on them- so highly recommend being creative with your stories.




Hells to the yes. In my last blog I mentioned flyer dropping works really well! And I still stand by that form of advertising till this day, no matter how more successful my business has now become.

Now I spend more time doing other promotional actions too, for example I am apart of 113 groups in my area and I have a spreadsheet of them all. I give myself my own own target to post to half of them one week and the other half the next week on seperate days. 

This is free advertising and it works!




I also collaborate with other beauty business or groups-.

For example, a school footy team or a skin needling company near by or a beauty tattooing company and we run competitions or I give out my flyers for them to hand out at awards nights/functions etc. 




100% having a website is the best thing I’ve ever done and would highly recommend the investment. I made my own and recently redid it with ‘WIX’ which isn’t very expensive.



In my last blog I mentioned not doing a cancellation fee. Now I do and find it works.

When you first start in business and have time, you don’t necessarily have to. But as your business grows, you will have many types of people, and a certain percentage of them will cancel. Things happen.

But if it’s going to effect your business, especially if you’ve hired someone to do their lashes and they don’t show up, it is a big impact.

So I do $50 deposit for full sets and $25-$30 deposit for refills.

If they cancel or reschedule within 48hours of their appointment, the deposit isn’t refunded. If they gave a genuine sickness or reason, I ask for a doctor certificate and they get the deposit back or re-credited.



I find this works. Sometimes you will have people disagree with your policies and that’s okay. You’re running a business, not them. And you know your worth so hold your ground- without making them upset of course.



I still keep statistics, of how many people we service a week, how many cancellations per week, how much we earned each week week (gross income) vs the clients that paid and got their service delivered that week (value of service delivered) and this helps heaps, comparing weeks with each other.



If one week is not as good as the other, I look for what successful action dropped out or that I stopped doing. Maybe it was less promotion than the week before and I do more of it to get a better result on the statistics that week.



I now have a business phone and a personal phone, so everything is separate. 

I am about to hand off my phone to someone working for me too which is awesome!




I have written multiple policies on how the business functions and how to do everything over time, so if I need time away from the business I can without a hassle.


I am a very organized person, and trust me, you need to be too! Have everything written down- whether it be: how to handle a tough client, refill policy, how to handle a client who wants a refund etc.

The list is endless.



I still send a confirmation message with a screenshot of the location on maps and drawing on it to show where it is. They also get an auto email when they book and an auto 24hour notice email before the appointment and ALSO... another auto text if they opt for it. That's right. They definitely don't forget they have an appointment when they book in with me 😂

But this is why I don’t have many cancellations. I keep them in the loop so they don’t forget!



To be honest, everything else in that last blog is still how I do things and how I think.

The main differences is I’ve matured as a business owner, gone from a sole trader to a company, hired more girls and looking to hire more.

I've changed locations to a bigger space with an extra room, got more clients, upped my prices, and got more organised so my business can run without me being in it.

All of this allows me to look at my business from a birds eye view/executive viewpoint to expand the business by working on policies and hiring etc so the business continues to expand. 

So I hope that helps you all with your individual businesses and you can always reach out if you have any further questions ☺️

Keep working hard and you've got the whole team of us at Locks Lash should you need anything!

Much love,

Alyssa from Lyss Bliss Beauty (also Locks Lash Online Trainer)

You can also follow my business and journey here too:

Instagram is @lyss.bliss.beauty

Facebook is @pointcooklashextensions 

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