#130 - Indoor Plants Help Humidity In My Lash Room?



Yep, We're Talking Indoor plants

Were you aware that as well as enhancing the aesthetic of your lash room/home salon, indoor plants can help to increase the humidity in your lash room? Cool huh?
Before you read on, have a listen to Jess discussing plants and humidity levels: 


As we enter the cooler months of the year in Australia, moisture in the air can lower, meaning humidity drops. An awesome 'hack' to increase the humidity in your lash room / salon so that you can avoid lash retention and issues with your glue is to bring in some lush indoor plants that create a more humid atmosphere in your lash room. 


And as well as being a practical addition, they look damn gorgeous and there are a variety to choose from. 

Consider Incorporating These Plants into Your Lash Room: 


Areca Palm

Boston Fern 

Spider Plant

Peace Lily

Rubber Plant

Chinese Evergreen

Snake Plant


You can place these plants around your lash room or you can even group them together which creates a microclimate. If you also add some stones or pebbles to the saucer that the plant sits in, you will increase the potential for them to be humidifying plants even more! 

Consider this your formal permission to go plant hunting!! 

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