We have all witnessed lash extensions becoming more and more popular with more salons popping up almost monthly it seems.

When I first entered the industry over 10 years ago, we were one of three salons in ALL of Melbourne to offer lash extensions! Oh how times have changed.


So are you too late? Is there any money to be still be made if you become a lash tech? Is there too much competition and not enough clients?


The short answer is NO you are NOT too late.


There is still so much money to be made in this industry and we have not even gotten close to how popular this industry will be in the future. Not even close.


It is predicted that lash extensions will become a 1.8 BILLION (yes billion) dollar industry by 2025 (data source: Grand View Research Inc. Market Research Future).

That is a lot of money and there is absolutely no reason you can’t have a little bit of it and if anything you’ll be ahead of the game if you start NOW.


Even with Covid in play, this prediction still holds true. Why? Because wearing face-masks have become a thing of today. What shows the most on a person's face when they wear a mask? Their EYES. And now in today's fashion, it's ALL about the eyes. I bet lip injection statistics have gone down over the past year actually.


I liken lash extensions and whether you should get into the industry the Apple story a little…if you purchased shares in Apple in 2005 you would have paid about $1 for them. In 2010 you would have paid about $10 for them. And now how much are they worth…about $140.


I predict that if we have this conversation in 5 years' time, that yes the market could be a little saturated with too many lash techs by then and it may be more difficult to get clients.

However we are not there yet, we are at the START of the wave, we are not at the end of the wave. The wave still has a long way to go yet.


Now for a few Lash Statistics for you…(these are backed up by an ABC Report done on the industry)












So jump on board. Do it. Make your money. Cash in on this amazing opportunity!


P.S I personally don’t even think that the lash industry is an over saturated market. I believe that lash techs use that term as an excuse as to why they are not getting clients.

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