So you’re training to become a lash tech and you’re keen to get practicing! You’re equipped with the essentials (lashes, glue, humidifier etc… you know the drill), you’ve got a gorgeous room setup, and you’re bursting at the seams with excitement at the idea of acquiring some mad lash skills…

...and then comes the question:

Where my lash model at?!

This can be a bit of a hurdle for budding lash techs and it can be especially frustrating (and honestly, sometimes overwhelming) when you’re super pumped to get lashing but you’re just not sure how to find a model to work with.




You know the phrase “ask and you shall receive”?


Yeah? Awesome. Read on.

No? Well, there’s this phrase, “ask and you shall receive”.


Sweet, we’re all on the same page.


So, some ways to find yourself a lash model? Well today, I’m going to be going over two methods that worked exceptionally well for lash techs getting started.


1. The first method is using Facebook groups.


Facebook groups are one of the best ways to find a lash model. All you need to do is search for a lash community around your area and start connecting with others in the group. Joining these groups is pretty easy – simply click on the “Join Group” button upon searching for a group and then wait for an admin to accept you. It’s that simple!



Of course, there are going to be some ground rules that you’ll need to abide. You should be able to find all the group rules on the group page.

Sometimes when you’re accepted into a Facebook group, an admin will have a discussion (sort of like an interview but not as serious) with you to see whether you’re a good fit or not. As always, be honest with your answers because your goal is to try to acquire a lash model. If someone finds out you’re lying about your skills, experience or anything else, you could potentially lose out on a great opportunity to grow your lash career.

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! You’re now a member of a local lash community. From here, it’s pretty straightforward. Be a genuine community member by reading other people’s posts, leaving comments and sharing your opinions.

Then, you can finally create your own post letting people know that you’re looking for a lash model. If you’ve been a real community member, someone is going to lend you a hand.



You can join our Locks Lash Technician FB Group too for secret sales, tips, advice and a HUGE community of beautiful techs supporting each other 💙

Here are some examples of other Facebook forums you can join: 


Eyelash Extension Forum Australia

Lash & Brow Models Australia


Melbourne Creative Network

Hair and Beauty Models Melbourne


NSW models/photographers/hmau/stylists/designers


Models, Actors, MUA's and Photographers. Australia.


Paid and TFP, Melbourne's Modelling, HMUA, Photographer Network


Tasmanian Portrait Photographers, Models & HMUA


Perth, WA - Hair and Beauty Models Wanted!


Hair and Beauty Models Adelaide


Models, Photographers, Make-up Artists, Designers New Zealand


2. Reach out to friends and family.


The second method to finding a lash model is reaching out to friends and family.



This method, although obvious, needs to be well thought-out if you want somebody to say yes.

Even if you have some takers when you reach out to friends and fam and say “Hey, I just started lashing and I need a model, think you can help out?”, you want to make sure they commit! Sometimes a person with good intentions will agree, but then become flakey and pull-out, or something comes up. This is why it’s good to ask a bunch of people! Even friends of friends. Put it up on your socials, ask family to ask their friends who they might think would take an interest. Also, the chances are, if you’re asking someone really close to you, you’ll probably get an easy yes!


Socials! Jump on instagram and Facebook and do a call-out. You can use a cute animal meme to get people’s attention (this is almost fail-proof, trust me!). Also, use text messaging to your advantage - texts are more personal than social platforms, so people will feel more obliged to respond when they know it's personal. 

The best part - word of mouth will take over once you’ve had a couple of clients, and that initial difficulty of finding models will be a thing of the past!

3. Reaching your local community 

Local letterbox drop: Don’t be afraid to go old-school. You can design and print flyers really quickly and cheaply these days. Go online, order some flyers, and do a local letterbox drop. The convenience of being nearby can be enough bait to catch some locals! 

Local Noticeboards: Depending on where you live, there might be a physical community noticeboard (ie your apartment building, a local library or town hall). Get researching and pin up a flyer! There are also community noticeboards on Facebook. Go to the Facebook search bar, type in your suburb, and see what comes up! Jump onboard, and post a callout!

Gumtree: Why not cover all bases? Write up an advertisement for models and post this on Gumtree. Just be weary of posting any personal details until you can verify your potential model is legit.  


As you hone your skills, you can start to develop a portfolio of work. This is something you develop over time. Take before and after shots to show potential models so they can be excited about the final product! 



You’ve got this techies! Happy searching!