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Yumi Nourishing Mascara

Yumi Nourishing Mascara

Price on Request

Please note: Due to a policy change within Yumi, this is no longer able to be ordered online. These products are only available to trained lash lift technicians. If you would like to order this, please phone us on 03 9376 4426. 

This is a take home product for your client after a lash lift. It adds keratin and vitamins and other goodies to the lashes so they stay lifted and healthy. Basically the same stuff that's in the Nourish step of lash lifts. Not suitable for use with eyelash extensions, unless your client wants to come in every 3 days for a full set.

The Keratin Mascara strengthens and condition your lashes in between lash lift & tint treatment. The Keratin in this keratin mascara gives a clear glitzy gloss to your lashes. The main component is keratin which coats each eyelash, penetrates into, recovers lash structure and solves different problems.

Nourish Your Lashes

Keratin nourishes lash structure, ensures healthy lash growth, it will recover also the lash structure (glues cuticles) Nourish your lashes, Keep your lashes less dry and fragile. Use it also as a primer before your black mascara. It will keep the lift and tint you just got in better condition, and it def will give you a better results for the lash lifting treatment. It also will protect your lashes from the effect of the sun, wind, water.

Contribute to the growth of your lashes and prevent them from falling. Make your lashes more elastic and shiny. And YES it been known to put it on your eyebrow too.


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