Waxing Pot

Waxing Pot

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Key information:
  • Digital Screen
  • See exact temp
  • Quick warm up setting
  • Removable inner pot for easier cleaning
Digital wax pot.
Wax Pot Instructions:
1) Plug into power source and plug in cord. Put in desired amount of your hard Wax beads. 
2) Push "SOLID" then push "START" - This starts the heating 
3) Once it hits 135', leave until all the wax has melted (you may need to stir it with a wooden spatula). Push "START" to pause it again.
4) Using the "-" button, get it down to the correct temp you want it at. Once you have it at the right temp, click "START" to keep it at that temperature.

The start button is essentially a start and pause button, and you can't start or change anything until that has been pushed.
500ml capacity.

This product is intended for professional use only.


Watch the below video to learn how to use your wax pot:



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