Unicorn Limited Edition Tweezers!

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The Unicorns have come down in a blaze of blinding rainbows and fluttering butterflies to bless us with their divine tools of immaculate lashing creation!

We graciously accepted their magical gift with open arms but the elder unicorn of infinite wisdom told us it came with a few warnings.

1) All sets you do with these magical tweezers will be imbued with magical qualities. You may be promoted, Harry Styles may write a song about you, you may find $15,000 in cash in the street, to name but just a few things!*

2) As these are of immense rarity and value they only gave us 100 of each to spread out to the best Lash Techs in the lands! (So they are limited edition and we are't getting more after they are sold)

Individual Tweezers available in:

- Standard Straight

- Standard Curved

- 90degrees 

- Perfect Volume


- Standard Combo (standard straight & standard curved)

- Standard Combo + Unicorn Tears 

- SUPER COMBO (all 4 Unicorn tweezer variations + Unicorn Tears pH balancer + Unicorn Tweezer holder!)


*Results may vary

This product is intended for professional use only.

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