Max2 Maxi Guard

Max2 Maxi Guard

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This product will maximise eyelash retention, which will save you time on infills.

ㆍProtects Eyelash extension adhesive from the elements, oils and dust to maximize the bonding of the lashes.
ㆍHelps to extend the life of Eyelash Extensions
ㆍColor : Clear
ㆍType : Mascara brush

ㆍApply Maxi Guard 10 minutes after Eyelash Extensions application.
ㆍRe-apply to lashes every 4-5days.
ㆍApply thinly and build up coverage from base to tip.
ㆍApply before make up.

ㆍDo not use Maxi Guard if you are sensitive or allergic to this product.
ㆍDo not use Maxi Guard if you have any eye disorder or open wounds around the eye.
ㆍKeep out of reach of Children
Close tightly when not in use
ㆍStore in a cool, dark place.

Shelf Life - 2 years
Expiration once opened - 1 year


This product is intended for professional use only.

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