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 The Ultimate Protective Shield: Enjoy care-free showers/swims with the latest in Beauty Innovation 💦

We wanted to support a beautiful local small business in our area so we have a small shipment of these cute-ass goggles 😍

Lash Goggles Classic, protects your New Lash Extensions, Brow Tattoo and all other Eye Surgeries and Procedures.  The Care Knot Bag protects your goggles and all your to go beauty accessories... A match made in heaven 💕

The Lash Goggles DUET pack includes:

🥽 Lash Goggles Classic. Wide view and Deep protective lens for those long lashes or Brows. Fitted with anti-fog film to prevent the lens from fogging up. Scientifically engineered soft 100% silicone, light weight goggles. Leak Proof - 100% suction seal. Moulded to fit most adult faces. Soft stretchy Ear-Loop strap Colour - clear silicone.

🥽 A travel safety container to store and protect your goggles. (recycled /BPA free).

🎒 The Care Knot Bag is Handmade using Eco friendly cotton and Recycled plastic bottles. The founder's original artwork was the inspiration for the unique print and designed to hang off your wrist for easy carefree carrying to the pool or spa. A perfect care package and fashion accessory.

Carry all your lash and beauty essentials in style.

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