Hydrogel Eye Gel Pads

Hydrogel Eye Gel Pads
Hydrogel Eye Gel Pads
$28.00 AUD
Hydro 25

New to Locks Lash Hydro Gel eye pads. Made from high quality hydrogel (which is basically beautiful nutritious gel made from water particles) imported from the USA, these pads will give your client a more moisturising & soothing effect while they have their lashes done. Also with hyaluronic acid (which helps repair skin tissue) and collagen in them.

The surface is made from silk protein which will mean that you don't get any tiny fibres & fluff coming from them. 


The pads also sit beautifully & easily on most face shapes and have enough gel in them that they won't move during lash application. 


These eyepads are available in packets of 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 pairs. 


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