Locks Lash MASTER Glue

Locks Lash MASTER Glue

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Key information:

  • Humidity: 40-65%
  • Temperature: 18-26ºC
  • Dry time: 1-3 seconds (depending on humidity)
  • Perfect for: Volume & Mega Volume extensions
  • Size: 5mil
  • Made: In Korea


This adhesive is specially designed for Volume and Mega Volume lashing in mind!

The latest in glue technology! It has high durability, and flexibility for clients after application which increases the retention of volume lashes!

Master glue has to have a reasonably high humidity range for best results. We recommend using a humidifier for this glue.



Unopened: Under 20% humidity (the lower the better), 6-16ºC

Opened: Tightly sealed lid, in a bag with a silica packet (to reduce humidity levels) in a cool dark place. Opened glues should be discarded 1 month after being opened, possibly sooner depending on storage conditions.


This product is intended for professional use only.

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