Locks Lash Brow and Lash Botox

Locks Lash Brow and Lash Botox
Locks Lash Brow and Lash Botox
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Locks Lash Brow and Lash Botox
Lash and Brow Botox!
There is so much goodness in this formula. The bottle is a combination of ingredients that are all superheroes in their own right to repair, thicken and promote lash and brow growth.

Just to name some of the ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate is an ingredient used a lot in hair and skin care products. It stimulates hair growth, strengthens weaker strands and increases the lash thickness. It’s basically the thing that strengthens the lash and creates longer and thicker lashes.

Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract is a potent herb that is incredibly rich in nutrients and vitamins which strengthens the eyelash hair naturally.

Vitamin E delivers antioxidants to your lashes and makes them thicker.

Macadamia Oil strengthens and nourishes the eyelashes.

Argan Oil hydrates, repairs the lashes and nourishes.

Jojoba oil has amazing regenerative properties. It also protects the hair follicle which allows the eyelash to grow longer & thicker.

Panthenol improves moisture in the lash.

Collagen plumps eyelashes just like it plumps skin. It also prevents damage to the tissue surrounding the root of the eyelashes. 

Keratin smooths the lash and also allows it to brush into shape . It also reverses any damage and protects it against future damage.
Uses: Can be used on lashes and Brows to create thickness, volume and length. By applying a thin coating to lashes or brows, lash botox can make the area look more voluminous and give the appearance of more hair in the area. 

Perfect for use after a lash lift, brow lamination or lash and brow tinting as a treatment or a take home that clients can use as aftercare every 2-4 days to keep their lashes and brows hydrated and healthy. Using a mascara brush and a thin layer of lash botox is all you need to do. 

Can also be used during a lash lift by adding some to the lash tint mix and applied to the lashes with the tint. This can help add the botox treatment without adding to the treatment time. Approx 1 cm of botox to 2 cm of tint and then the usual amount of peroxide. 

Regular Brow tinting - Can be brushed onto brows at the conclusion of a brow tint or mixed in with the brow tint.

Henna- Can be applied to the brows after the Henna treatment

Brow Lamination- Can be applied to the brows after the treatment. 
RRP to clients for around $69-79ea
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