Lash Sampler Kit

Lash Sampler Kit
$109.00 USD $146.00 USD
Sampler Kit

Packed with products worth over $200, the Lash Sampler Kit is perfect to get you started (it is also a very cheap way to buy lashes & glue!). If you would like a specific lash size and curl please just tell us. We are more than willing to change the sample kit around to suit you :-)

Kit contents:

Maximus Lash Adhesive


Mini Cleanser (50mil)

Medical Tape


Straight Tweezers

Curved Tweezers

Micro Sticks (Detach Swabs) x 20

Mascara Wands x 10

Eye Gel Pads x 10

Glue Crystal

Lash Trays x 2

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