Lash It Forward Package

Lash It Forward Package
Lash It Forward Package
$29.00 USD

Did you ever see that movie Pay It Forward with that kid and the Mum and the teacher? By the end, you were probably sitting in a puddle of your own tears. Same. (if you haven't watched, it's a classic, but brace yourself for all the feels)

WELL, the title basically speaks for itself and the concept of this phrase means to respond to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else. Pretty cute right.

Sometimes, we find it tricky to express love and kindness to others for fear of looking awkward or silly or being rejected, etc. BUT, I think we can all agree as the person RECEIVING the love, it's always a beautiful thing (unless it's creepy-stalker-vibes, then maybs not). And when we do take the effort to brighten someone else's day, it probably brightens yours too right? And some serious magic happens when strangers help other strangers. A lash tech helping another lash tech. The world's just a little better to live in when it happens.

SO we want to help you LASH IT FORWARD. 


1️⃣ Choose 1 of the package options shown (Opt.1 LASH TECH NEEDS Opt.2 LASH TECH CARE)

2️⃣ Add it to your cart.

3️⃣ Think of a lash/beauty tech that you admire that you feel deserves a cute acknowledgement from afar; could be a close friend or someone you follow. Place their address in the Shipping Address section of the checkout.

4️⃣ In the NOTES section of the checkout, add a special message which we will hand write in a card for you. (We won’t include the invoice in the package so they won’t see the price anywhere). If you want them to know who it’s from, please remember to include your name as well or you can be anonymous. 

5️⃣ The parcel will be sent to your chosen recipient who has noooo idea that you’re about to make their day. Oooft we just got goosebumps thinking about it

6️⃣ Go enjoy the rest of that Netflix series because you just started your own chain of Paying it forward and you totally deserve that second bowl of pasta

 🍝 💙


Tech Package:

- Sample size Holy Grail

- 50Pk Mascara wands

- Sample pack of Gel Pads

- Voucher for your next order

- A little motivational thing!


Self Care Tech Package:

- SNB 4D Fiber Mascara

- Locks Lash Keep Cup

- Locks Lash Notepad

- Locks Lash Pen

- Voucher for your next order

- A little motivational thing!

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