FREE (if you follow the instructions below) Locks Lash Sample pack (Limit 1 Per Person)

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Welcome to Locks Lash sample giveaway!

We are super confident that once you try our lash products you are going to love it, SO we are giving you a FREE Sample pack* of a few of our products (Just pay shipping). This is exclusively for people who have never ordered.

** You may notice the sample pack says $40. If you follow the below steps it will be $0! (limited to 1)**

How to get the free sample pack*:

- Firstly it is limited to ONE per person. Even if you add 100 to your cart and checkout we will only send you one.

- Choose between a sample of Australia's most popular glue the 'Holy Grail' or the clear, sensitive glue 'Flawless Glue'.

- Then choose between either a sample of the Classic/Premade option or the Volume option

- Add 1 of the below options to your cart and go to the checkout page and put in this code:   llsamplepack1   to discount the product to $0 (You will still need to pay shipping). Limited to 1 per person.

- We will ship out the sample pack of goodies!


Terms and Conditions:

- Limited to one per person ONLY

- Limited to new customers ONLY

-  If you add more than one to the cart and checkout you will only get 1 sample pack delivered

- Stocks are limited. First in first served!

- Only for certified lash techs

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