Big Sucky Thing (Extraction Fan for Spray tan)

Big Sucky Thing (Extraction Fan for Spray tan)
$306.00 USD
Big Sucky Thing (Extraction Fan for Spray tan)

Get your mind out of the gutter please. 

This bad boy is an essential for any spray tan space to ensure all of that excess solution is removed from the environment. 

This is particularly important for

  1. Health and hygiene reasons and
  2. If you are a lash technician lashing in the same room - the last thing we want is a room full of spray tan solution in the air. Solution = oil. Oil = bad. You know how it is. 
  3. Some councils require this...



  • 3 stage washable filters
  • Automatic shut off for safety protection
  • Strong airflow and a choice of 2 speeds
Power: 135/150W
Air flow: 2500m3/h
Measurement: 458X400X180cm
This unit uses an Australian/NZ plug

**Please note this will be sent standard post due to the large volume of it**

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