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Barrier Cream

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A very new and innovative product to the market especially designed exclusively for the lash extension industry.
 Lashologist Barrier Cream is a unique product that helps shield and sooth the skin from irritants. It calks the skin from irritation, inflammation and reactions, as well as prevents them from even occurring!
Have you ever noticed how people typically when having an allergic reaction to glue will swell on the upper eyelid? This is mainly because the lower eye area has been protected with the eye gel pad, preventing residue from the glue and its fumes to settle there.
Now, using a small amount of Lashologist Barrier Cream from the base of the eyelashes all the way to the brows, this will eliminate the exposure of the residue and fumes laying on the eyelid area. 
The barrier cream acts as a barrier and protection to the adverse effects of lash glue!
It can be used before + after any eyelash or brow process such as extensions, tinting, perming, lifting and more.
On sell to your clients for home use as an eyelashes extension safe eye cream.