Second Mini Treasure Hunt Clue #1

Welcome to the 2nd Mini TREASURE HUNT of July!!

Up for grabs is a $500 voucher to Locks Lash!! Thats right you get a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR SHOPPING SPREE!! Plus another 3 people will also get a $50 voucher to spend! Plus other spot prizes!

Heres how it works!

- Throughout the month of July we will be having several of these Mini Treasure Hunts. They will consist of a couple clues. Generally the first clue will be kinda easy, then the second will be a little harder and cryptic! 

- To find the first clue of each Mini Treasure Hunts (or link to it) it will be randomly in one of the emails we send out (the newsletter/sales/blog emails). SO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK EVERY EMAIL from us!!!! Remember it could be in the junk folder...

- Figure out the clues! Remember that the answer may not be a product page so search around! Every answer will be on the website unless otherwise stated (im not that mean :P)

- When you figure out each Mini Treasure Hunt and reach the end it will have a form to enter your details. Pop the correct answers and your details in and you are in the draw!

- Each Mini Treasure Hunt will give you 1 entry into the draw! Remember that i am making it pretty hard so if you do solve it you have a really good chance of winning something. 


Other things: 

- 1 entry per person per Mini Treasure Hunt (there will probably be about 5 in total over the month.

- Winners drawn at random from the correct answers on the 31st of July 2019

- Prize not exchangeable for cash or other prizes.


Anyway! heres your first clue:

" What beautiful, alluring eyes you have, I feel our bond will be strong <3 "



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