Welcome to the Locks Lash RAPID Treasure Hunt!

Up for grabs is something limited edition... something new... something just released...!

First person to complete this gets the prize... its a FAST one!


Heres how it works! READ BEFORE STARTING!!

Figure out the clues! You have the first clue below. You have to search the website and find the right page. If you are on the right page it will have this little symbol:


- Click that and it will take you to the next question. Make sure you remember where you found the right answer (you will need it at the end).

- You have to correctly get all the answers in the right order and then put them into the form at the end.

This is a RAPID treasure hunt! First to complete it 

Clear as mud? Good! 


Other things: 

- 1 entry per person.

- Prize not exchangeable for cash or other prizes.

- 3 Clues total (last one takes you to the form to put your answers in)

- Only open to Aus addresses (sorry!)


Anyway! heres your first clue: 

1)  For the first time ever these come in a multi!