Locks Lash Spray Tan IN PERSON Course

Locks Lash is stoked to introduce our newest course!

The Locks Lash Spray Tan In-Person Course!


^ Based on the above, 40 short minutes per day actually converts to $19,200 in a year!!

Whether it’s your first service or an addition to your salon, spray tanning is a service your clients are going to love! 

In our training course you will receive access to the theory online which you are able to complete in your own time before attending an in person session with one of our experienced trainers who will assist you through your practical component. In this session you will have the opportunity to ask your trainer any further questions before brining in a model and completing a spray tan on them with your trainer there to help you the whole way.

Your assessments will be a mixture of written theory and practical.

By the end of this course, you will know how to apply, troubleshoot and add spray tanning services to your repertoire and acquire Locks Lash certification.

Locks Lash offer a very unique method of training, with lots of one on one attention and care taken with every student. 

What is Covered:

All theory is completed through the online course before you come to your class, the training day will run from 9am - 2pm where you will do a re-cap of theory & Q+A with your trainer on any points you would like to re-cover. You will perform a spray tan on your model, then in pairs you will perform a spray tan on each other.

Spray tanning & it’s history

The science behind Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

Skin types, skin structure, skin conditions & contraindications

- PH levels & their importance in spray tanning

Spray tan preparation, aftercare & maintenance

- How spray tanning works

Spray tan process & technique

Application & client troubleshooting

Spray tanning FAQs

Business Tips (marketing essentials, pricing and policies)

Equipment and supplies (including maintenance)

- Perform 2 spray tans with guidance from your trainer


Course Inclusions: 

- Lifetime access to online theory

- Live Demonstration 

- 15% off all future product purchases

Lifetime ongoing support

Access to exclusive tips, new techniques, new products and methods

Access to video tips

Access to Locks Lash Technicians closed Facebook group

- Certificate to proudly display once you have completed the course requirements

Course Options:

Course Only $549 

Course with Professional Kit $1149 

Professional Kit Contents:

1 x Locks Lash Spray System (Spray Tan Machine)

1 x Big Sucky Thing (Extraction Fan)

1 x Nude Room (Tent)

1 x Tanning Solution Sample 4 Pack (1 of each colour)

1 x 100 Pack of Disposable Spray Snood (Hair Net)

1 x 100 Pack of Disposable G-Floss (G-Strings)

4 x 25 Pack of Sticky Slippers (Sticky Feet)

5 x Pairs of Disposable Gloves



Here is what we're doing to ensure our live courses are COVIDSafe. 
  1. We are making sure the class does not exceed the allowed numbers for the space available. 
  2. All trainers will wear masks, gloves and sanitise frequently during training. 
  3. All students and models will be required to sanitise upon arrival. 
  4. Students will be directed to wash hands and put on the gloves and mask for the practical section of the course.
  5. Models will be given a mask on arrival out of the students kits. 
  6. Both students and models to be asked the additional question “Have you had any of the following symptoms in the past two weeks? Dry throat, sneezing more than normal, coughing and more" and will be rescheduled accordingly. 
  7. All students will be provided with the Infection Understanding & Control Course and certification prior to course attendance. 


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