Locks Lash Local Heroes

Welcome to Locks Lash Local Heroes!

We want to give back to this community and the people that also support it!

Have you got someone in your life that has helped you or others over this crazy time that deserves a bit of recognition? Could be anyone!

Your mum who helped babysit the kids so you could set up the new salon, the cafe down the road that hires youth that are at risk and gives them a job, someone on the forums who went out of their way to help answer a question you had, someone who told all their friends about you and got you heaps of business! 

Anything like that!

Enter the details below and we will pick a few to recognise and maybe reward! You can start nominating now. We will start picking people 1st December. Nominations close 5th December
*Unfortunately if we get lots of entries we cant do all of them. We will pick out a few we think sounds good*