Lash Samples Packet!

All Lash Kits will include our BRAND NEW 'Lash Samples Packet'! 

This packet includes all the essential disposables and aftercare products you will need to make and care for your AMAZING lash sets! 


AFTERCARE CARD - A card for your clients detailing how to take care of their new lashes!

LASH RING - Curved ring for placing strips of lashes on. Separates the lashes on the strip for easy pick up. Great for making fans in doing volume lashes.

GLUE RINGS DEEP - Easy to use, disposable (can be used twice) glue rings.

GLUE RINGS SMALLEasy to use, disposable (can be used twice) glue rings.

EASY FANNING GLUE CUP - Simply pick up your volume fan, pop the end into the glue and then draw it through the edge and the base will come together perfectly!

GLUE DELAY HOLDER CUPS - These cups are designed to delay the drying time of your glue because of their unique shape.

GLUE DOT HOLDER - It's a specially designed holder that holds your glue dots! You can also use the edge to help make fans.

GLUE PLATES - Place the sticker on top of your crystal or jade stone. Proven to keep your glue better for longer once exposed to air. Even better than using tin foil.

Empty Foaming Lash Cleanser Bottle with Locks Lash Label - Fill with our Locks Lash Cleanser Concentrate and distilled water to create foaming lash cleansers you and your clients will love!

Cleanser Concentrate Sachet - Locks Lash Cleanser Concentrate is specifically formulated to be lash extension-safe and prolong the retention of the lash extensions.

Locks Lash Brush - You can use this brush with the foaming cleanser to cleanse the whole eye area prior to lashing. They're nice and soft, but not so floppy you can't get anything clean.

Monty Wand - You can pop a liquid such as castor oil or a serum inside these tubes to on-sell/give to your clients! 

Sample of Locks Lash Gel Pads - Sample pack of all the Locks Lash gel pads so you can try them all out and pick your new favourite!

Adhesive Nozzle Wipes - These wipes keep your glue nozzle sparkling clean so that the glue around the nozzle doesn't get crusty and impossible to squeeze out. The specially designed wipe allows you to clean without catching + causing problems with your adhesive.