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Lash Lift Online Training

Developed from our popular Lash Lift Class, the Lash Lift Online Training has been adapted for online learning, giving Lash Technicians the ability to learn how to perform a lash lift from the comfort of their home!


  • FREE Keratin Mascara
  • Bonus FREE Tint, Tint Developer & Tint remover when you purchase the Professional Kit
  • Ability to offer your clients another product and generate more revenue/income
  • Learn from anywhere - Perfect for anyone far from a major Australian city or outside Australia
  • Learn at your own pace, around your schedule
  • Lifetime access to the course material, and ongoing support from our Lash Lift Technicians
  • Same great Locks Lash quality!



The course is a series of videos in 3 sections, and comes complete with either a Basic Training Kit or a Pro Training Kit (shipped to you) including:

Professional Kit

Basic Kit

Silicon rods 3 of each size

Lash lift glue

Enough solutions for 20-40 lash lifts


Keratin mascara x2 

20 eye pads, cotton tips, cotton rounds, pack of 100 microsticks, alcohol pads, 

Collagen lip masks

50 mascara wands

Lash cleaner

Bonus offer FREE:


Tint developer

Tint remover

 And more

Silicon rods

Lash lift glue

Enough solutions for 15-20 lash lifts

Keratin mascara

Lash tint colour

Tint developer


Small selection of eye pads, mascara wands, microsticks Etc.


- Manual, additional training materials like client forms, checklists

- A bonus keratin lash mascara after-treatment. 

- A certificate of completion when you finish to display proudly!



Online Course with Professional Kit

Online Course with Basic Kit

$450 ex GST ($495 inc GST)

$350 ex GST ($385 inc GST)


Book online on our website by buying the either the Basic or the Pro kit here.


You can also sign up by emailing: with your name, contact number and kit choice, and we will be in touch!

Or call us on (03) 9376 4426 (Australia) for more information.