You’ve been in the lash game for far too long to put up with anyone’s BS.

You’ve done the hard yards and know that success has only come from that so you don’t apologise for it.

You have little patience when it comes to unprofessionalism and don’t even get you started on grammar errors like people getting ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ mixed up 🙄

While your intentions are good, it can come across to some people ‘blunt’ and opinionated. That’s not a bad thing though. You’re just confident in who you are and can’t help having a resting bitch face. It gets shit done!

Whilst you’ve got your fair share of enemies, deep down, they respect you for sticking to your guns with how strong you go about your business. You’ve mistakes in the past, and now you’ve learnt that ain’t nobody got time to stress about what other people think about you. And when you get on a roll or in the zone, nothing can stop you!

Remember in 2020 that although you’ve got the experience under your belt, you don’t know EVERYTHING. There’s still time to learn, grow and make mistakes. It’s what’s made you YOU!

Hello You!

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