Easy $200!

Want to earn the easiest $200 ever!? 

For this week only we have DOUBLED the referral bonus for referring someone to our training!

Usually it's $100 free store credit if you refer someone to a big Locks Lash course and $50 store credit if you refer someone to a small one.

This week you earn $200 store credit for referring someone to these courses:

- Complete Lash Artistry

- Complete Brow Master

- Body Contouring 

- Beauty Trainer course

and $100 store credit for referring someone to one of these courses:

- Lash Lifting

- Brow Lamination

- Henna Brow Course
- Waxing Course

- Lash & Brow Tinting Course

- Brow & Facial Threading Course

- Hybrid Brow Tint Course

- Handmade Russian Volume Course

So how do you get this free store credit?


Simply send an email to training@lockslash.com.au with the details of who you are referring to our training:

- Their Name


Phone number

(make sure they are fine with you sharing this)

and your name

Want an extra $50 discount?

Post to your socials about our courses and earn an extra $50 store credit!

Terms and conditions apply:

To claim: you have to post to your socials showing off our training with a link, and then take a screenshot and send to sales@lockslash.com.au with a link to your socials

- Have at least 1000 followers

- The post has to stay up for at least 48hours

- Minimum spend of $200 to use the discount

- Only for the first 500 people

- Cant be used with other discounts and promotions

- Promotion ends 26th May 2024