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Locks Lash Is the #1 provider of Lash Extension training in Australia!

We are pleased to be bringing our famous Eyelash Extension training to Dubai!!

We have more Eyelash Extension classes, in more locations than any other Australian company!

We also provide the most comprehensive selection of premium lash extension products and supplies so you are in good hands! 

Come and see why we are so popular! 

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Classic lash extensions refers to the process of attaching one false lash to one natural lash.

This differs from Volume Lash extensions where you apply multiple lash extensions to the one natural lash to create a fuller fluffier look (a more advanced technique).

Typically it's a good idea to train in Classic Lash Extensions then do the Volume Lash Extension training after the Classic course. The classic course goes over all the fundamentals of lash extensions.

 - Eye-gel pad application

- How to correctly and efficiently isolate lashes

- Lash extension set application

- Styling methods

- Full lash extension set removal

- Single lash extension removal

- Aftercare

Key Topics covered:

Glue -
Learn all about eyelash extension glue and HOW/WHY it works.
Learn how the glue sets
How it reacts with humidity
Ideal room temperature
Ideal room humidity
How long it takes glue to cure
How to store your glue
How long glue lasts for
Drying times of different glues

Debonder -
What it is
What it's used for

How to clean lashes with primers and cleansers
Importance of cleansing
Difference between priming and cleansing

Aftercare education -
What brands to use

Importance of lighting, sight and seating
Goes fully into different types of lashes (pre mades, volume, classic, mega)
What lashes are actually made out of and why
Curls, thicknesses and lengths of lashes
Hygiene and safety -
Covers importance of sterilising tools, what products are disposable etc
Clients -
How to spot a reaction before it gets worse
Fully goes over allergic reactions and what to do if a reaction does occur/why it occurs/best handlings
How to do a patch test
Can you lash pregnant women?
Practice on dummy head then practice on live model


- Intensive training on application

- Safety considerations

- Trade tool identification

- How to get clients

- Marketing tips

- Full product knowledge

- Dummy head application

- Live model application

- Locks Lash kit & manual

- Locks Lash Certificate (once course requirements have been completed)

- Ongoing support, feedback and help

As a trained Locks Lash technician you will also receive after the class:

- 15% off all future product purchases

- Ongoing support and help

- Free refresher classes up to 1 year after training

- Access to exclusive tips, new techniques, new products & methods

- Access to video tips and new methods

- Access to the Locks Lash Technicians Facebook group where you get exclusive deals, giveaways, support and tips!

- Free website listing 

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Locks Lash Basic Kit 

Excellent for beginners & professionals alike. The kit offers all the essential size lashes & tools to give your clients a fantastic set of eyelash extensions.
 The products incorporated into the kit are the most popular standard items from the Locks Lash range.


1x Small carry case

1 x Maximus Adhesive

1 x Debonder

1 x Lash Cleanser
 + brush

1 x Primer

15 x Eye gel pads (mixture of all types)

1 x Jade stone

1 x Air puffer

1 x Micro sticks 

1 x Straight tweezers

1 x Curved tweezers

1 x Medical tape

25 x Mascara Wands

10 x Glue Rings

1 x Packet alcohol wipes

5 x Charcoal Masks

1 x Lash Strip Organiser

1 x Aftercare Card 

7 x Trays of lashes (include multi trays and at least 1 run of lashes in B or C curl)

1 x Pre-Made Fans 


While we try to give the exact lashes listed, we may have to change them without notice. We'll work with you to give you exactly what you want :)

 Full payment is required for Dubai classes

You will be required to supply models to practice on.
 1 model will be required on the 1 day course, and 3 models over the 2 day course.

All other materials needed will be supplied on the day!

2 Day Course

Structure of the day:

Day 1:

8:45am - Students to arrive around now.

9am - Start! Morning is theory. Going over theory of lash extensions. You will be given a manual with all the material so you can refer back to it.

Mid morning - Practice on the dummy head until lunch break.

12:00 to 12:55 - Lunch

1pm - Models arrive! live demo on padding, correct placement, advice on bed & stool to buy etc students start on models at 1:15 students change over models (re-pad a new client)

3:45/4:00 - models will start to be finished.

4:30 - Final theory until end of day 


Day 2:

8:45am - Students arrive.

9am - Extra theory

10:30am - Model #2

12:30 to 1:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Model #3

Afternoon - Finish!

Should I still book if I can't get a model for the day?
Yes absolutely! We can point you in the right direction to help you find a model (its easier than you think if you have Facebook!). Or alternatively we can source a model for you (fee may apply). Get in contact for more info. 
Do you get a certificate after training?
Once you have completed the course, the next step will be to go home and find 4-5 models to practice on. You will need to send pictures of your work to your trainer. The trainer will then critique your work and give you things to work on for the next set. Once you have gotten your sets to an acceptable level you will be passed and be sent your certificate!
Can I go straight to Volume if I am new to lashing?
The Classic course covers fundamentals of lashing which isn't covered in the Volume course. The Classic course goes over more than just the classic technique. It is assumed you know all of these fundamentals if you are in a Volume class so you may struggle to keep up. 
I want to book in with my friend (s) can we get a special price?
Get in contact with us ;)
What other services should I offer?
Once you have done a Classic course, you can then do a Volume course and offer volumes as well (and hybrid sets). 
We also offer Henna Brows as an Online Course, as well as Lash Lift Online Courses. These are fantastic services to add to your salon or home business. Adding more services means you can offer your current customers more services (therefore increasing your income) and also draw in more/new customers who may be googling henna brows in their area, for example. Then you can sell them on your other services! 

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