Drop Shipping


Welcome to the drop ship page!

Locks Lash is pleased to introduce dropshipping! But what is dropshipping?

Its where you, the technician/salon owner, sell a product to a customer for the retail price. Then you jump onto Locks Lash's website and purchase the product (at a lower wholesale price) and follow the dropship instructions and we send the product straight to the customer. You keep the difference of what you sold it for vs how much you paid for it using this method

This saves you having to buy it upfront, have it shipped to you and then ship it to the customer. So you make money and we do most of the work! WIN WIN WIN!!

The collection of items you can do this with is here. Please note that all the items in this collection is at the higher retail price and you get them cheaper.

This is only available to technicians and salon owners and isnt available to the general public. We dont list the wholesale rates on the website so if the customer comes onto the Locks Lash Website they cant see how much you paid for it.

To get started click here to email sales@lockslash.com.au

Click here to download the dropship item pictures.