NEW Body Contouring Course | Fat Cav, RF treatments, BBL

NEW Body Contouring Course | Fat Cav, RF treatments, BBL

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Introducing the NEW Body Contouring Course!

Internationally Recognised Certificate*

24/7 Lifetime Course Access

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Are you ready to sculpt your client's dream bodies without surgery or downtime? Introducing our cutting-edge Body Contouring Course, designed to assist you in transforming your customers bodies without invasive procedures!

Imagine telling your clients they can say goodbye to stubborn fat areas and hello to a more contoured silhouette. Our course utilises advanced technology to target and eliminate fat cells, leaving your clients with visible results after just a few sessions.

With our skilled trainers supporting you every step of the way, you'll delve into the science behind ultrasonic fat cavitation and master the art of using this method to eliminate unwanted fat permanently. Join us on this empowering journey towards confidence and beauty. Help your clients say yes to a leaner, more sculpted physique today with our Body Sculpting Course!

Are you a stay-at-home mum looking to earn extra income or start a new career? Are you a beautician wanting to elevate your expertise or a salon planning to introduce cutting-edge treatments to attract new customers this year? Maybe you're thinking of stepping into the beauty industry?

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Body Contouring FAQ's

How you could be making $300+ an hour

Before and after

What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring is revolutionising the beauty industry, offering a range of cutting-edge treatments to help clients achieve their desired body goals. It includes Fat Cavitation, also referred to as Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation, which targets stubborn fat cells through non-invasive ultrasound technology. Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (RF) helps to tighten and firm the skin, providing a more youthful appearance. Vacuum Therapy aids in reducing cellulite and improving blood circulation, resulting in smoother and healthier-looking skin.

For beauticians looking to boost skills and income, mastering Body Contouring techniques can be a game-changer. With the potential to earn $10k+ a month on part-time hours, this popular treatment option is a great addition to any beauty professional's repertoire. By offering these services, beauticians can attract new clients while also providing existing clientele with exciting and effective non-invasive treatment options.

Embrace the Body Contouring trend and elevate your beauty business to new heights by incorporating these innovative treatments into your service offerings. Join the wave of success in the beauty industry and help your clients achieve the body of their dreams through the power of Body Contouring.

What is Fat Cavitation?

Fat Cavitation is using ultrasonic sound to break down fat cells under the skin surface. The broken down fat turns into liquid which is then pushed towards a lymphatic node in the body to drain. This is a non-invasive procedure to permanently remove fat. Keep in mind the client will need to follow the aftercare for ultimate results.

What does RF Stand for?

RF is short for Radio Frequency

What is RF Treatment for?

We are using radio waves in order to tighten the skin. The radio waves contact the stuff inside the skin and cause a bit of heating, and a bit of targeted damage, specifically to collagen. This damage kicks starts the body to repair the collagen. It needs to produce more in order to make the repairs. Once the body does this, boom! We’ve got tighter skin.

Is it safe?

Yep! It’s low-powered and can’t penetrate the vital small bits in your cells. The current state of research says that it won’t cause cancer or birth defects or anything. It has to do with how long the waves are, and how much power is behind it. In fact, visible light can be more damaging to things than radio

How long is the course?

It will be about 20 hours of reading and video footage. You will have lifetime access to the course to go back through, along with unlimited support from the Online Training Team.

Modules/What you will learn

Please note: The below is not an exhaustive list of the modules but just enough to give you an idea of the course you will be doing! It also includes knowledge checks, practical assignments and doing practical work on models!


- Why Body Sculpting?
- Reasons to start

What is Body Contouring?

- What is Fat Cavitation? Purpose, benefits, how it works etc
- Difference between non-invasive and invasive fat removal treatments (lipo vs fat cav)
- Where on the body can you do the treatment?
- What is ultrasound?
- Is ultrasound safe?

What is RF Skin Tightening?

- Skin Layers explained
- Collagen
- What is radio frequency?
- Is radio frequency safe?
- How does this treatment work
- Where on the body can you do this treatment?
- How long is the treatment and how often should you be treated to see results?
- What is EMS

BONUS - Vacuum treatment to assist in cellulite reduction


- Skin Layers explained
- Collagen
- What is radio frequency?
- Is radio frequency safe?
- How does this treatment work
- Where on the body can you do this treatment?
- How long is the treatment and how often should you be treated to see results?
- What is EMS

BONUS - Vacuum treatment to assist in cellulite reduction

Human Anatomy and Physiology

- Connective tissue
- Lipid storage
- Different types of fat
- The lymphatic system
- Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
- Body Shapes
- Cellulite, how is it caused? Types/grades of cellulite

The Machine

- How it works
- The settings
- Maintenance
- Cleaning


- Client consultation
- Pre & Post Care Instructions
- What happens during the treatment? How long does it take?
- What will clients experience during the treatment?

What to Charge & How much can i make?

- Treatment prices
- Treatment profit
- Maximising profit
- Expenses and Costs


- Different areas and what we’re going for.

Love handles
Thighs/inner thigh
Bra fat
Triceps fat


- How to set up your trolley
- Equipment needed
- Disposables
- Treatment Tips


- Downloadable client consultation forms
- Downloadable After care cards

How easy is it to get started?

Super easy! Sign up to our course and you will receive your login details to start the course, while your machine is being shipped to you. Grab your friends and family to practice on and once you are qualified you can start taking paying clients.

How long will it take for 1 appointment?

Depending on the area your client is wishing to have done, appointments can start at 20 mins - 1hr. Minimum amount some salons are charging for 20 mins is $100!

How many services for it to work?

Some clients will see a result in the first treatment, however it will normally take the third treatment for a noticeable difference. This will also determine the area you are working on, as less fatty parts will be noticeably different a little quicker.

In australia do you need to be a nurse to do body contouring?

No, you do not need to have a license or nursing degree to perform this service. There are no TGA requirements needed (at time of writing) to offer this service. Due to being a non-invasive body treatment.

Does it come with a kit?

You can choose to purchase the course by itself from us or with the machine. You will need the machine to do the treatment. The machine has all the attachments to do the different treatments such as fat cavitation, RF etc

The only other products you'll need is:

  • Glycerin or Ultrasound Gel
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant
  • Cosmetic Spatula
  • Alcohol Spray

Which are all easy to get!

When will I get the Machine?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your machine to arrive. We will try our best to get you your machine before then!
It will be delivered direct to your address.

Does Insurance cover body sculpting/fat cavitation/RF treatments

We are a little limited by what we can recommend here but if you Google search 'Fat Cavitation Cover insurance' for example you can see there are lots of insurance companies that will cover this treatment along with RF treatments. Its best to check with the insurance companies and compare policies.

More information on the machine

Size: 25cm x 38cm x 38cm
Colour: White
Attachments: x6
- 3 x RF (Radio Frequency) attachments in Small, Med and Large
- 1x Massager
- 1 x Fat Cavitation attachment
- 1 x EMS attachment (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

A special note on the machine:

In our extensive research to put this course together for you, we tried many, many different machines. Subsequently we have a graveyard of machines at Locks Lash!

In Australia prices range from $35,000 to $1,000 for a Body Sculpting machine.
We tried ones from every price bracket.

Our main objectives were;
1. To fully understand the complete science behind all parts and treatments of Body Sculpting, then, knowing the science, understand why and if the machine, purely from a scientific viewpoint, would work and what its specification requirements would need to be to work effectively.
2. To offer an effective, long lasting machine at a price point which would be affordable to our customers.
3. To find a machine that does not compromise on quality.
4. To find a machine able to withstand continuous use without error (some machines we tried failed after about 2 weeks of continuous use)
5. To find a machine that is simple and easy to use
6. To find a machine that is not bulky and could fit on a trolley
7. To be able to obtain a good and trusting relationship with the manufacturer so they could alter and change anything that we required and help us troubleshoot if necessary in the future.

We found the machine that fit these objectives and that is the one that you will receive with our course!

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