Goldilocks Lash - Eyelash Extension Glue from locks lash
Goldilocks Lash - Eyelash Extension Glue 5mls from locks lash

Goldilocks Eyelash Extension Glue

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The Goldilocks Lash Glue allows eyelash extensions to adhere faster to the natural eyelash achieving faster results. Perfect for both classic and volume eyelash extensions, it glues to the natural lashes within 1 to 3 seconds, at a temperature of 20 to 25ºC, and a humidity range of 45 to 80%. It is a powerful eyelash extension glue designed to dry faster with higher humidity.

Key information for Goldilocks Lash - Eyelash Extension Glue

  • Results: New formula that has been worked to have 10% more accelerator than equivalent glue for faster results.
  • Fast: Fast YET still maintains excellent flexibility
  • Colour: Black
  • Humidity range: 45-80% The higher the humidity the quicker the speed!
  • Temperature: 20-25ºC
  • Dry time: 1-3 second
  • Excellent retention: 4-5 weeks (depending on application)
  • Eyelash extension types: Perfect for both classic & volume lashing
  • Amount: 5ml
  • Make: Made in Europe


This new formula has been developed by leading chemical/glue engineers to be something a little different...

Developed to be faster with 10% more accelerator, BUT while still maintaining a flexible strong bond for that sweet sweet long retention!

If you want it to be faster just ramp up the humidity in the room and the glue will become faster and faster.

Triple distilled to remove impurities and made in Europe to the strictest standards 💪


Storage Recommendations for Goldilocks Lash - Eyelash Extension Glue:

Unopened: Under 20% humidity (the lower the better), 6-16ºC

Opened: Tightly sealed lid, in a bag with a silica packet (to reduce humidity levels) in a cool dark place. Opened glues should be discarded 1 month after being opened, possibly sooner depending on storage conditions.

This product is intended for professional use only.

Read the full fairytale story:

Once upon a time there were 3 little lash techs. 

They travelled long and far in search for something great.

Something different.

Something magical.

They were Princess sisters whose names were Alifer, Emilia & Ashareea 

They grew up in a small kingdom of Collingwoodler, in a castle named Locks Lashium. 

Many years of experience taught them many things. They learnt how to lash, how to make handmade fans, how to origami, how to trick their horses into eating vegetables and how to eat 3 bowls of pasta in one sitting. These sisters knew how to do many things. 

But there was still something missing in their lives. 

You see, the kingdom was cursed many hundreds of thousands of years ago by the Wicked Lash Witch. 

The curse was ‘averageness’. That’s right, everyone was average. No matter how much you knew, how good you were, everyone in the land was average. 

These sisters didn’t just want to be average. They wanted to be the best. The best of the best. 

They knew their technique, they knew their application, they knew their sh**. 

It was the goddamn curse.

One day, they were sick of complaining about it, sick of waiting around for something to magically change. They had to go and find the magic themselves, bring it back to Locks Lashium, and save the kingdom of Collingwoodler and break the curse. 

So they set off on their quest. They fought tigers in the South Asian jungles, got frostbite in the Antarctic and got into a drunken fight with Giants in the Netherlands (way too much tequila).

It took 10,000,000 years to find it. Everywhere they went, it was either too fast, too slow, too hard, too high, too low. 

It was an adventure to say the least, but when they found it, it was JUST RIGHT! The adventure was all worth it.

It changed their lash game and broke the kingdom curse of averageness forever. Everyone cheered and clapped with happiness. The chief police of the kingdom, Sir Monty, put a tab on the bar and everyone celebrated and lived happily ever after.


So what was this magical thing that broke the curse you ask?

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