1. Stay in communication with all your clients on social media. This is one of the most important things to do right now. If you run out of ideas of content to post, Locks Lash have free social media downloads on our website that you can use.


 2. Find out from your clients if there is anything at all they do or could need and want from you during this time and deliver that. Don’t assume what they want, ask them and find out first.

3. Move from just being serviced based to also a retail-based business ie; sell products online to your exisiting clients. Locks Lash have done all the hard work for you on this and written an A to Z guide on how exactly you do this in our blog here (all for FREE!)


4. Apply for any Governmental funding that you qualify for. The link in Australia to see what you may be eligible for is https://business.gov.au/Risk-management/Emergency-management/Coronavirus-information-and-support-for-business/JobKeeper-Payment-for-employers-and-employees


5. Go through all your on-going expenses that you personally have and your business has and negotiate to bring payments down as much as possible. This would include rent, phone, electricity, ATO / tax bills, insurance etc.


6. Update, re-style, rearrange and completely clean your lash room / beauty salon. Now's your chance to release your inner Marie Kondo!


7. Stop watching the news and listening to the media. It's not doing anyone any favours. You can find the correct facts and statistics on the Government website. Make that your source of information, not the media.


8. Sort out all your stock into what you use, what you don’t etc. Sell any excess that you may have.


9. Learn a new skill / service for your business. Continue your education. Locks Lash have an online course for almost every lash & brow service you could think of. Check out all the options you have HERE.


10. Keep practising your lash skills and services! Your husband / partner is going to be the hottest on the block after all of this!


11. See if you qualify for any Government or local Grants for your business. Some businesses qualify for a $10,000 grant from the Govt. The best idea if you don’t know, is to call your accountant (or get one if you don’t already.)


12. Prepare any out-standing tax returns etc. Make sure all your ‘paperwork’ is up to date.


13. Write out a list of ‘all the things you have meant to do but not had time to do’. This can be either in your business or personal life. Like going through your wardrobe & throwing out clothes you don’t wear, writing company policies (refund policies etc), learning about marketing or a skill in your business, getting your accounts up to date … the list would be personal for each! Start working on your list and set daily goals of what you want to tick off as done by the end of the day.


14. Have an honest look at your business prior to closure and see what your strengths are and weaknesses are. Figure out what you would have to do to strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses, write out a ‘to do’ list and start.


15. Make up (on Vistaprint or similar) gift cards for your clients that they can purchase now to use when you re-open. Selling packages at a discount typically is a good method as an incentive to ‘buy now’ ie; “buy 3 refills and receive 4th 1/2 price”. Make sure you have all your terms and conditions on your vouchers.


16. Sell those gift cards to clients now through social media, through bulk email and through texts.


17. Prepare your plan NOW for when you re-open. Have an exact plan that you can press go on when it’s announced that re-open will happen. What are you going to do and sell? How are you going to sell it? How many clients do you want? What services do those clients need? How are you going to promote yourself?


18. Plan for closure for 6 months. This is not at all saying that you will be closed for 6 months - the theory behind this is if you plan for the worst, then you will be ok if the worst happens.


19. List your business with; Google Maps, WOMO (Word of Mouth Online), Google Reviews and any other free website you can find. This will help to increase your Google Ranking (when people search for services in their area).


20. Update your Social Media.


21. Build a website for your business if you don’t already have one. If you have one, re-vamp it, make it look prettier etc


22. Get an online booking system if you don’t already have one. If you have one, test it to make sure it works ok and iron out any bugs. Check out our recommendations HERE.


23. Do the Locks Lash Marketing 101 Course - by entering this code: 'FYOUCOVID19' (cause we're sassy like that) at the checkout you will get $100 off!. This will help you tremendously with your business.



24. Update your businesses policies like refunds, cancellations etc.


25. Update your businesses systems like client aftercare, consultations, waivers etc. If you haven't already got these in place, you can find FREE templates on our website HERE.

 26. Take advantage of Drop Shipping & on-sell retail products to your customers without having to leave the house.

CLICK HERE or email sales@lockslash.com.au if you need help starting.


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