Taking an online course can seem like a pretty big investment. You’re not only investing your time but also your hard-earned money.
Not to mention all of the doubts and unease you can feel if you’re completely new to the beauty industry.
"Will I make it?"
"Can I make money from this?"
"Will I be good at lashing?"
There’s a whole lot of uncertainty and it can often feel like there’s no certain path to assured success.
So to make it easier on you, we’re going to break it all down!
And trust me, it’s a whole lot easier than you think. 



So, you want to be a lash tech? Go you!
The first step is to get the right training under your belt (we can think of some good one’s HERE 😉).
Just starting out? Our '3-IN-1 Complete Lash Artistry Online Course' is the PERFECT ultimate course to get you fully certified and working professionally as a lash tech  (yes - not just in Classic!)
Picture this, you’re scrolling through our website and you see that our 'Complete Lash Artistry Course' is $895 + a complimentary lash kit! Awesome! But $895 is not something that everyone necessarily has laying around. 
Whilst we have awesome payment plan options like Afterpay and Zippy, it’s still an investment and your hard earned dollar that comes into the question.
So let’s break it down...
That’s it!
If you take on 11-12 (approx) paying clients coming in for a full classic set, you’ve just made your money back!
Or if you take on 9 (approx) paying clients coming in for a full hybrid set - yep, you’ve made your money back!
Same goes with volume! If you take on 8 (approx) paying clients coming in for a full volume set…ka-ching! You’ve just made your money back!
Not only are you getting a bangin’ education to conquer the lashes of the world, but you’re being encouraged to thrive as a businesswoman and make those dollars!! 
It is important to mention that it is VERY important to charge above what you need to cover your expenses to operate as a lash tech. For example, this can include your supplies, power, electricity, water, phone bill etc… 
It’s vital to account for all of these factors in how much it costs to run your business and price accordingly so you can also profit as well! 
Our best advice - never undersell yourself and charge more. Take into account your costs for operating and charge more - your talents are worth it.
So, are you ready to jump into the world of lashing and start conquering? We can see you jumping out of your seat - so let’s go!

Get our '3-IN-1 Complete Lash Artistry Course HERE' and start making those dollars TODAY! 🤩 

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