You’ve been in lockdown and are about to come out of it or have just come out of it but there isn’t a line of customers banging at your door to get their lashes and brows done yet… What's going on?


Read this blog to make sure you are doing all the steps so people are booking back in with YOU!



First up is to make sure your booking system, socials (Facebook and Instagram etc) is still active after lockdown. This is to make sure people CAN actually find you and book in if they want to.

If you have a booking system don't forget to update the hours and days you are available (as you may have turned it off during lockdown).




You, like us, have probably been checking when we are allowed beauty services again every day so we are super aware that we can now get back to it BUT that doesn’t mean your customers know! 

They might still think you can't operate which is why they haven’t booked back in…




Put it out to the world in any way possible that you can now open and you’re taking bookings! If you have Instagram and/or Facebook put it out on stories and posts every day that you are open now. If you have ever recorded customers emails (you really should) use an emailing tool like Mailchimp to send them all an email saying you are open and link to your booking system. Most of those tools usually allow you to send the first few hundred emails free as well so it might not even cost you anything!

Emailing your customers is an amazing way of reaching them and getting bookings.



Contact your old customers directly! First reach out to anyone directly you had to cancel on due to lockdowns. Then directly message all other customers that had booked in the last couple months you were operating. The people most likely to book in with you in the future are the people that have already booked in with you in the past!!


The personal touch can make all the difference.

Some important notes:

  • Some people are very anxious about covid. It might be worth including what you are doing to stay covidsafe in your salon such showing the new procedures and cleaning you are doing. Telling people you are following all the guidelines etc. It might also be worth posting pictures on social media of you sanitizing and cleaning your salon or space. Things like this reassure customers you are doing everything to keep them safe.
  • When communicating to your customers it might be worth putting in that if they want a appointment they should book in sooner rather than later as demand should be high. A sense of urgency works well.
  • If you’re still not getting customers coming back in after doing the above you could try doing a special to lure people back. Something like the first 20 people to book in for lashes get a free brow treatment of their choice or something like that. I'd leave this as a last option though so you are making the most coming out of lockdown.
  • And one last thing… make sure you have the supplies to actually do the service! Check nothing has gone off or anything and refresh your glue. Stock up at Lockslash.com.au !

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