#140 REAL & RAW: What will COVID do to the Beauty & Lash Industry?

Who's in need of some real talk sesh these days? Bit of honesty, bit of big sister, 'you-can-do-it' stuff and bit of 'what-the-eff-are-we-to-do-now' kind of talk...

I know I am 🙃

We all thought that 2020 was the year of crap and in 2021 we’d be on a road out, heading back towards some form of normality.

In 2020, as tragic as it was, we all had a glimmer of hope and confidence in the Governments to help pull us all out of this, funding was coming in from the Govt (even if inadequate) and communities banded together to help each other through.


But now in 2021 for the Lash & Beauty industry; closed, open, restrictions, closed, open, open, oh nope, closed again … it seems that glimmer of hope has been smashed to pieces with a Thor type hammer thing, leaving many people in a state of apathy and considering closing their doors and pursuing other career paths.

And I don’t blame you! I mean, how much longer can you actually mentally and financially do this for?


Bit of honesty about how we're (Locks Lash) are going?

Being very honest and open … it has crossed my mind many times over the past 10 months to sell Locks Lash and personally move into another more stable and ‘covid-proof’ industry.

Every time you are forced to close your doors, I lose money too and often I have been hanging on by a very fine thread to keep the rent and staff paid. It has been tough.

So I have been wondering the same thing … what should we do? Does one close their doors and do something else? Or do you stick it out for just a little longer and continue living on the hope it will get better?


Well here is what I looked at to make my personal decision…



“The Lipstick Effect’

In the financial world, this there is a term ‘Lipstick Effect’ which based off the statistics that during an economic crisis, consumers, instead of buying expensive clothing and other luxury goods, will be more willing to buy a less-costly luxury good like lipstick. The underlying assumption is that people still want to treat themselves even in a crisis.

During the 1930’s Great Depression, most industries declined by over 50% however cosmetic sales (including lipstick) went UP by 25%.

During the Recession in 2008, again cosmetic sales went up.


How has The Lipstick Effect fared against Covid?

Think … the Power of Masks.

During 2020, lipstick manufacturing in China (where most of it is made) fell by over half BUT eye-related makeup products rose dramatically.

Seems it the Lipstick Effect should be re-named to the ‘EyeMakeup Effect’!

Face masks have become a necessary everyday protective measure which has left only the eye area on display. Women are ditching foundation and lipstick and putting focus on their brows and lashes. 

I can’t personally seeing masks being abandoned completely by society in the near future, which is BRILLIANT for the lash and brow industry.



It has been recently announced by the Australian Government that once a 70-80% vaccination rate is achieved nationwide, the country will return to a certain level of ‘normal’. This has given the country the final bit of hope it needed that life can return to some similarity of how it was.

Regardless of if you are pro or anti vac (let’s not get into that calculated divide right now), Australia is unsurprisingly following suit of the UK handlings of covid.

New Zealand, as an educated guess, will follow suit.

From a purely economic viewpoint, a country cannot sustain business closures on a long term basis - they NEED you to open your doors and get back to work. Hence it will end.


This is all a GOOD thing for us, coupled with women being so focused on their eyes & brows.


And it means we just have to hold on for a LITTLE bit longer and the lockdowns will end and we can get back into rocking 'n' rolling.



I’ll take an educated assumption that the majority in the lash industry has spent many dollars and hours on perfecting their skills as a lash artist and business owner.

I know how much money and hours I have spent in Locks Lash to make it into what it is today and I also know what it took to own a salon too.

I have plans with Locks Lash and goals to accomplish which I have not yet achieved. I personally can’t stand the thought that I lost and gave up.

To get into the industry in the first place, you would have had a goal in mind and a motivation in doing so.

You need to remember what that original goal was and rehabilitate it and KNOW that this will all end sometime in the very near future and you just have to hold on for a little longer.



Get smart, get creative and get motivated on how in the mean time you can do something which brings in some money each week to cover you while the lock downs happen.

Don’t waste all the time, handwork and money you have spent getting into the industry and instead prepare yourself to be the baddest lash tech in your area and rule the world!!

Okay, let us know if this blog has helped you at all and if you need anything from us?

Remember that you're badass and we are holding on tight as well. 

Jess B xo 

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