A Lash Tech does more for a client than doing their lashes. Honestly, how much do you know about your clients? You know their pet peeves, what their favourite type of pasta is, how all their exes became all their exes and probably their period cycles too!

You’ve been there as a listener, pamperer, friend and cheerleader with encouragement. In some cases, you’ve provided your clients the opportunity for the best time out snooze without the sounds of whale song. 



So, chances are, your clients are really missing you. They are also missing the service you provided for them, and guaranteed, they are missing how you made them feel.

With lockdown restrictions, you CAN still provide a service for your clients that can have them feeling like a squillion bucks. This comes with the added bonus of your client’s lashes being healthier and longer when we are all allowed to play in the same sandpit again.

So, your client needs to take some selfies, attend a Zoom meeting or be flirty on Facetime…and they want their lashes long! You can offer them instant long lashes with a Fiber Mascara.


Let’s say you have a client that wants to grow their lashes so they are healthier, stronger, longer and thicker….you can offer them a lash extension safe serum that does that!

Providing these solutions is an excellent way in promoting your expertise.

For some of your clients, supplying them with an alternative lash fix may just be the excuse they need to have a catchup chat over the phone with you.


Selling products usually requires an outlay of money up front for stock.
HOWEVER we do have an alternative that lash artists and salons can use... *drum roll* DROP SHIPPING!


Drop shipping is when you offer products to be sent directly from the manufacturer or warehouse to your clients. It means you do not need to hold the stock.

1️⃣ You can sell something to your clients.

2️⃣ Then place the order for the products to go DIRECTLY to them.

3️⃣ Products are sent with no invoice, just a packing slip with their details (so your clients will never know what you have paid for the product). 

Simply Naked Beauty and Locks Lash both offer a large range of products for drop shipping.

For a serum that provides the lashes with everything they ever wished for, there’s the Simply Naked Beauty “Yes, They’re Mine” Long Lash Serum ⬇️


For instant extensions, there’s the Simply Naked Beauty Lash Science Gold 3d Fiber Lash Nourishing Mascara that gives 300 x lash volume & holds curl and enhances length.


For the best brows ever, there’s the Simply Naked Beauty Brow Magic Kit


Perhaps our fabulous Browgasm:



Some of these products will also have you attracting new clients.

The best bit is that any customers coming to the Locks Lash or the Simply Naked Beauty website will only see these products advertised at the full retail price.

For more info on this, contact Simply Naked Beauty at contactaus@simplynakedbeauty.com or Locks Lash at sales@lockslash.com.au



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